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Shanti Uganda — volunteer

Socially Responsible Tourism?

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We're thrilled to have Kelly Campbell, of The Village Experience co-leading our Celebrate Uganda 2013 Trip. Check out the values that guide the partnerships they form on the ground! All of the hotels and ground operators selected for the Celebrate Uganda 2013 Trip are locally owned and in alignment with The Village Experience's take on Socially Responsible Tourism. Socially Responsible Tourism – by The Village Experience The Village Experience is a socially pro-active business dedicated to uplifting impoverished communities in the developing world through efforts in international trade and tourism. We support fair trade, create a market for it, and work...

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Luweero AIDS Day

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Written by Jessica Leigbolt, Shanti Uganda Volunteer Life has been wonderfully busy here at Shanti since I arrived for my volunteer placement 2 weeks ago. Last week we helped facilitate a Teen girls Health and Wellness Workshops in the neighboring village of Katakamu. This was Shanti’s first outreach Teen girls Workshop and the turnout was fantastic! Twenty four girls between the ages of 14 to 17 attended the workshop where we covered topics on sexual health, menstruation, STI’s, HIV/AIDS, healthy relationships and openly answered a number of thought provoking questions. We also taught the girls how to make re-usable menstrual...

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Birth of a Mother

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Written by Samantha Sarra - Shanti Uganda Supporter The birth of my daughter was the most precious gift I have ever received.  It took 40 weeks of pregnancy and 36 hours of labour to get that one perfect moment that was the first time I held my baby in my arms.  During the agonizing journey of active labour, one thought kept strengthening me through each contraction.   A sense of sisterly solidarity with all the other birthing mothers around the world at that very moment.   If they can do it, I can do it, I told myself.  In the weeks following...

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Annual Safe Motherhood Day - Luweero

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*Blog post by Shanti Uganda volunteer Lauren of her experiences in Uganda*                         Safe Motherhood Uganda is a yearly event put on by the Ugandan Ministry of Health, along with dozens of other NGO, governmental, and local organizations all dedicated to health and wellness that somehow intersects maternal healthcare. This year it was held in Luweero district, and in fact, the events were held in the futball field around the corner from the Shanti Uganda volunteer house! A collaboration of folks from around Uganda began preparing the previous through a series of meetings and...

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Village Outreach - Katuugo

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*The following blog is a post by Shanti Uganda volunteer Lauren and her experiences in Uganda* Village Outreach- Katuugo              The ride on the boda (motorcycle) lasted nearly 20 minutes. I wanted it to never end. Through fields of coffee and maize, roads and hills I have never dreamt, homes of brick and stick and mud, dozens of school children scrambling through football yards and too big bicycles- we roamed. Not entirely sure what to expect, and somewhat unaware of where we were going, we arrived in Katuugo, greeted by the warm face of a man I had...

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