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Birth of a Mother

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Written by Samantha Sarra - Shanti Uganda Supporter

The birth of my daughter was the most precious gift I have ever received.  It took 40 weeks of pregnancy and 36 hours of labour to get that one perfect moment that was the first time I held my baby in my arms. 

During the agonizing journey of active labour, one thought kept strengthening me through each contraction.   A sense of sisterly solidarity with all the other birthing mothers around the world at that very moment.   If they can do it, I can do it, I told myself. 

In the weeks following my daughter’s arrival, I became awe inspired and overwhelmed with gratitude at the miraculous gift that was my beautiful child born healthy.  Once again, I thought of all those other birthing mothers around the world.

 I knew some of them like me, would be basking in the in the love of a newborn child.  I also knew that in some places, the unimaginable grief of maternal and infant mortality would be causing tears of sorrow instead of tears of joy. 

With my daughter’s delivery, also came my birth as a mother.  I was now part of an unending chain spanning from ancestors to as of yet unborn grandchildren.  I was left wondering what I could do to strengthen and support the shared mother heart.

Beholden for the priceless joy I had received in my healthy baby, the only way I could think to express my thankfulness was by giving the same gift to another woman in another part of the world. 

Through Shanti Uganda’s gifts of action, I sponsored the birth of one child.  It was the perfect present to give my daughter on her first birthday. 

Each night before bed, I kiss my daughter goodnight on her cheek and marvel at my good fortune in having her in my life.  The only thing that makes the blessing sweeter, is thinking of that mother in Uganda who because of the support she received from Shanti, is also kissing her child goodnight and going to bed like me, with a heart full of joy and love. 

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