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Stories from the Field: Shanti's Sarah Namirembe speaks about being a midwife in Uganda

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Midwifery has been a good experience for me, but I have had challenges in certain places I’ve worked and when I was developing my skills. There was a point where I wanted to give up midwifery. One time I was caring for a mother, and she pushed me at the time of the baby being born and I was injured on my side. We eventually delivered a live bouncing baby boy, and I helped her pass through that situation. She later did say sorry. In another situation, I had to call a doctor at least 4 times to come and intervene, but he never came and I ended up losing the life of a mother which hurt me too much, and I wanted to stop midwifery. I got counseling, and was encouraged by someone who told me I am born to be a midwife and to help birthing mothers.

Shanti will make a difference because first of all it has qualified staff who gives very good care to antenatal and birthing mothers. The mothers will just pay a small amount (about $1 USD) and will receive all the services we provide, like exams, investigations, workshops and care from the midwives.

Shanti is different because it’s not like other organizations that provide half backed things and want money! We will be providing quality care to all our mothers who come to the centre. Even the mothers we have referred out of our care will be followed to see what happened and to make sure they are in safe hands. Also, Shanti has donors who work to make sure that the centre has everything it needs to care for mothers.

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