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Webale kujja kunsi omwana omuwala! (Welcome to the world baby girl!)

For the past five years people around the globe and here in Uganda have been working tirelessly for this moment. The day a baby would be born at Shanti Uganda Maternity and Learning Centre.

On January 28, 2011 at 2:19pm (Ugandan time) we welcomed a 6.6lbs baby girl into the world in a peaceful, clean, nurturing and safe environment.  Three Shanti midwives attended the birth, one of them coming in on her day off just to be a part of the experience.  The Shanti midwives used the new skills they have learned from a very talented Ugandan midwife and they were so excited when they described the beautiful 12h labor and how the birth positions that they have learned sped up the labor and prevented tearing! In a community where birthing women are lucky to have the full attention of one midwife, any supplies at all and where women are often put on their backs during labor this was a totally new experience. 

This would be Robinah Nakakoza's 9th  baby. She explained to the midwives that she has never felt so cared for or welcomed.  Robinah and baby would spend two more days at the centre while our midwives cared for her closely and taught her about proper breastfeeding, nutrition and herbs during breastfeeding and post-natal, baby and momma care and baby massage techniques.

Robinah's face quivered when we gave her the donations of baby blankets, clothes and a handcrafted baby hat and a very special gift of a photo of her and her baby donated by the Picture Me Project.  She was incredibly grateful and overwhelmed with joy. 

It was a moment that I wish everyone who has ever sold or bought a bead, made a donation of time or money, knitted a baby hat, biked across Canada, danced on a stage, stretched on a mat, spread the word, attended or planed an event, put in long hard days around the globe or here in Uganda, could have witnessed. We did it. We've accomplished our goal of making birth an enjoyable and momentous experience. We made it happen.  Webale Njo (Thank you so much!). The exciting thing is that this is just the beginning... at the moment we have 50 more babies registered to be welcomed into the world at Shanti Maternity and Learning Centre and the mothers keep coming!

Please consider donating to Shanti Uganda by purchasing a birth kit

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