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A Glucometer goes a long way!

Volunteer Stories... -  Thank you to the Compassionate Resource Warehouse and Access Midwifery

By Jaime Traynor

One of the things that ! was most encouraged about when preparing to come to Africa to volunteer with Shanti Uganda, was all of the support I received from people in Canada.  I had already been asked to bring an additional piece of luggage with me, so that I would be able to bring back to Vancouver bags that the women's textiles group makes.  Since I knew there were a number of items that the maternity centre was in need of, it made sense to do what I could to bring donations with me to Uganda, rather than just travel with an empty bag.  After talking with midwives in Victoria, I found out about the Compassionate Resource Warehouse, a wonderful group that sends shipments overseas to areas in need.  On very short notice, they were able to provide me with medical supplies and equipment that the midwives and lab technician were extremely grateful to receive.  One item that was especially appreciated was a glucometer - Emma, the lab technician, had been asking for one, and it was great to be able to be present while he learned about it and tested it out for the first time.  It's also been fun seeing the midwives wearing the scrubs I was able to bring, and to see the shelves in the maternity centre stocked with supplies that I brought with me.  And when the centre has its first delivery in 2011, it'll be great to know that the knitted baby hats donated by a retired midwife in Victoria, Angela Spencer, are being put to good use!

I'm very grateful for the generosity of Angela, the Compassionate Resource Warehouse, and Access Midwifery, for all their donations, and am pleased to know that the supplies I was able to bring have proved beneficial over here.

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