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A Christmas Miracle Fence!

Goal: Raise $6000 to build the Shanti Fence

In September 2010, Shanti Uganda built and opened a community center on 1 acre of land in Nsaasi Village, Uganda.  This facility is where we run our three community development and health programs:

 1. Maternity Birth House and Midwife Learning Centre
 2. Teen Girls Workshops
 3. Women’s Fair Trade Jewellry and Textiles Program

    As the community starts to embrace these programs, more and more people are visiting the facility, including mothers who stay overnight while giving birth, it has become necessary for us to build a protective fence surrounding the property.  Fences like this are common in Africa and especially important in Uganda.  For the past 23 years, Uganda's evironment has been unstable and full of uncertainty, and rape and theft are common throughout. 

    We know that fences aren’t glamorous or sexy, but in this case, they are essential to our community.  Please Help Support The SHANTI FENCE!   

    To support click here

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