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New Supplements Arrive In Uganda

Last December, we brought boxes of supplements over to Uganda to support the many women in our Income Generating Group. The supplements, which have been used to support Canadians affected by HIV/AIDS were donated by a fabulous Canadian company, Celt Naturals.  

They had an immediate positive impact on the women and their overall health. As the months went by and we continued to monitor the women, each woman reported a reduction in her reaction to the side effects of the strong ARV drugs she had been taking - less nausea, and an increased appetite. Many women reported an improvement in their skin and 100% of the women who were choosing to regularly take the supplements found that they benefited from an increase in their daily energy levels.  

We were thrilled when we put out the request to Jack from Celt Naturals to continue supporting our women's group and he responded by sending hundreds of bottles to Uganda for the women.  After a short stop at the border, we're thrilled that they have now reached the women and once again, the women will benefit from the many improvements they were experiencing in their daily lives. 

Many thanks to Jack and the rest of the Celt Naturals team for making such a drastic difference in the lives of the 21 vibrant women we support in Uganda. 

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