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We're looking for a fabulous treasurer to join our board!

The Shanti Uganda Society is offering a unique opportunity for a dedicated individual to act as treasurer on our Board of Directors.  Our board is a devoted group of diverse individuals all working towards women's rights, peace, healing and sustainable development for the communities we support in Uganda. Each board member brings a different set of skills, background knowledge and connections, which all contribute to our tremendous success. 

This position will appeal to someone who is passionate about promoting the health of women and children in Uganda, believes strongly in self-less service and is interested in learning more about the international non-profit sector and wants to strengthen their skills in this area.

Our Treasurer:

  • Upholds the mission and values of The Shanti Uganda Society.
  • Serves as ambassador to The Shanti Uganda Society and works to promote and build the capacity of The Shanti Uganda Society, throughout BC and North America.  
  • Uses their skills to oversee the financial stability, growth and management of The Shanti Uganda Society.  
  • Attends monthly board meetings, fundraising events, functions and sits on the Growth Committee.    
  • Dedicates an average of 4 hours a week.

Duties Include:

  • Financial Policies - Oversees the development of financial policies and procedures and their review by the board.
  • Funds and Investments – Ensures that funds are retained in safe accounts/investments, invests excess funds.
  • Financial Transactions – Verifies that donations and grants are handled appropriately. Reviews invoices, cheques and bank statements. Prepares and emails tax receipts twice annually. Acts as signing authority at the bank and oversees payroll. 
  • Financial Records – Receives monthly expenses, receipts, revenue information and updates financial books and records.
  • Budgeting – Sits on the Growth Committee and meets twice annually to prepare annual budget and goal revenue. Monitors results and alerts board and staff of any problems or deficiencies. 
  • Reports – Prepares monthly financial statements to be presented at every board meeting.  Prepares revenue and expense breakdown annually for budget preparation. 
  • Remittances and Filings  - Ensures that government tax filings and remittances are prepared and submitted on a timely basis. 

We want you to join our board if you:

  • Are passionate about peace, healing and sustainable development.
  • Are a strong leader who works well both independently and with other like-minded leaders.
  • Have an interest in women's rights, maternal and infant health.
  • Are interested in or, want to learn more about sustainable development, natural birth, Uganda/Africa.
  • Believe strongly in self-less service.
  • Have bookkeeping and/or accounting experience.
  • Can fulfill a time commitment (average of 4 hours a week).
  • Live in the Greater Vancouver region

If you are interested in being a part of a progressive organization that is empowering women locally and globally please email our President for an application form -

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