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This June, pregnant mamas from all over the Lower Mainland are gathering for a photo shoot for our upcoming prenatal yoga calendar. Funds raised through calendar sales will go towards the Moon Cycle Campaign, a cross Canada cycling initiative to raise funds for the Shanti Uganda Women's Group.  

There a handful of incredible people involved in this fundraising project which is being organized by Shanti Uganda Board Member, Brenna Coupland including TONIC, a local yoga apparel company and the photographers at Free Style Photo.

Recently, Evan from Free Style Photography blogged about the upcoming photo shoot and his connection to Shanti Uganda.

"So, next month Robyn and I will begin shooting a pre-natal yoga calendar, the proceeds of which going to fund the work of the Shanti Uganda Society. But lets back it up just a sec. There is a story here...." 

Read the rest of his blog here

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