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Love Coffee? Live Local?

Brenna Coupland, Shanti Uganda Board Member and coordinator of the Moon Cycle Campaign has started up a great fundraising initiative with proceeds going back to the Shanti Uganda Women's Group.

Brenna has paired up with Pistol & BURNES, a Canadian Fair Trade Coffee Roasting company and is currently taking orders for their extensive coffee, tea and hot chocolate products.  

In honour of her commitment to bike from Vancouver to Winnipeg this summer in efforts to raise money towards Shanti Uganda, she has also offered to hand deliver your order - for Vancouverites only - by bike! (Shipping is also possible if you live outside of the city) 

Make your first order by contacting Brenna - 

More about Pistol & BURNES -

"We are a full service 100% Canadian coffee roasting company. Our roastery is located in Delta British Columbia.

Pistol & BURNES offers you only the best. We import only the finest green coffees available, roast them for the ultimate in flavor and aroma, then prepare blends that are uniquely our own. By roasting the beans ourselves, we can insure complete quality control and freshness. Our quality control begins with coffee bean selection. We sift through the hundreds of beans available, then decide which are good enough to put our name on. It’s simple by selecting only the finest green beans, we can assure you the best possible cup.

We are family operated and Canadian owned and committed to actions consistent with an environmental conscience in all aspects of our business operations. We at P&B are proud of our Environmental and Social achievements. We’re proud to share this vision of total quality with you, and to share in the possibilities of making the world a better place by using coffee as a medium for a message."

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