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Teen Girls Celebrate at the Birth House

Our Teen girls program began last year and was a bit of a collaborative effort between the incredible gals at Lunapads, the founders of Afri-Pads and the many volunteers who contributed towards the creation of our teen-girls manual. At the time, we were holding yoga classes with teen girls and giving out reusable menstrual pads which were donated by Lunapads. 

Along the way and with the support and guidance of Lunapads, we partnered with Afri-Pads, an amazing non profit established by a handful of Canadians to help provide washable menstrual pads to school girls in rural Uganda. Our teen girls's manual is now complete and thanks to a donation from Afri-Pads and other donors, we're putting 100 girls through our teen-girls program this year. Below is an update from Uganda on the first workshop! 
This week we held our first teen-girls workshops on the Maternity Centre grounds in  Nsaasi village. The girls had a fun filled week and made new supportive friendships. Yoga was a huge hit as many of the girls in the group are daughters of the women in our income generating group and they are now practicing together at home.  From sun salutations to partner poses it was evident that the girls were becoming more aware of, and confident in their bodies.  
Volunteer, Kempie, with the girls in the workshop 
The week began by recognizing the importance of women. From collecting firewood and raising children to being musicians and doctors, the girls acknowledged the importance of the many roles women fill in Uganda. Each of the girls chose a mentor, a role model in their life who could guide them and answer their questions about health, sex, HIV and how women can live a better, safer and meaningful life. 
During the interactive workshops the girls were given multiple opportunities to discuss openly and ask questions in a safe environment about safe-sex, healthy relationships, menstruation, the importance of proper nutrition, preventing HIV/AIDS and supporting those living with HIV/AIDS.
The girls were overjoyed when they were given a package of re-usable menstrual pads, which will allow her to attend school and do other activities while she is menstruating.


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