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A Tribute to Harriet

From our Project Coordinator in Uganda, 



In mid-April we said goodbye to an amazing women, mother and beader. Thirty-one year old Nabakema Harriet was a mother of 3 and a member of the Shanti Uganda income-generating group. This was a wake-up call to all of us as we were once again reminded of the reality of HIV/AIDS.


Her Shanti sisters held a beautiful service in her memory on the Shanti Uganda grounds. An orange tree was planted in the centre of the courtyard in her memory. Nabakema's mother travelled eight hours in a Matatu to take part in the ceremony. Harriet is remembered by her sisters as calm, patient and as someone with and open ear. Harriet was one of our top beaders and the money she made as a member of our women’s group will go toward the care of her 3 orphaned Children." 


Some of the Women's Group Members plant an organge tree in honour of Harriet 

Harriet was one amazing mama and we were blessed to have her as a member of The Shanti Uganda Women's Income Generating Group. 


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