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Our East Coast gal makes her way to Uganda

In 2008 Kristen Porter moved from the East Coast of Canada to Vancouver, BC to join Shanti Uganda's growing Board of Directors. At the time, we were a newly incorporated society, had just recently established projects on the ground in Uganda and were in the process of trying to become a registered charity.  In 2009, she served as President of the Board and over the last year has been an integral part of the success of The Shanti Uganda Society. As president, Kristen attended regular donor meetings, assisted in the proposal that resulted in much of our 2010 funding, registered Shanti Uganda as an official Canadian Charity and traveled through the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and down to California attending festivals to share our story. 


In March 2010, she decided to step down as President of the Board and move to Uganda to take on a staff role with Shanti Uganda. We're thrilled that she is now working in Uganda as our Project Coordinator and has taken on the responsibility of guiding the success of our programs on the ground. If you’re interested in volunteering in Uganda, email


In addition to our new project coordinator, check out our staff page to see the amazing individuals who are now working in Uganda.  


Thank you Kristen for the time, heart and vision you have brought to Shanti Uganda over the years!  


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