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David Newman & Mira support Shanti Uganda

The Shanti Uganda Ambassadors are individuals who we believe represent our values as an organization and are leaders in their communities and in our global family. We are honoured to have their ongoing support. Not only do they share our story, but provide ongoing financial support, hold fundraisers and bring awareness to the importance of supporting Ugandan women into their own communities.

This month we are featuring the work and support of David Newman & MIRA.

We were thrilled when MIRA contacted us to let us know about an event they are already organizing and find out how to get a supply of jewellery in time! Chant, Chai and Charity, is an event held once a month at a yoga studio in Philadelphia called Jai Yoga. There’s chanting, chai, and a little talk about the “charity of the month”. On January 21st David and MIRA will be talking about Shanti Uganda and their new roles as ambassadors.

Check out their website and the good work they are doing in our world!

Kirtan Troubadours

“It brings us great joy to be a part of the Shanti Uganda family. Their commitment to sharing the benefits of Yoga with communities in need is in alignment with our dharma of offering Kirtan, which brings people together in song, celebration, and prayer! We also feel deeply passionate about the importance of supporting women in natural, traditional ways of childbirth and are grateful for the Shanti Uganda projects, which empower women in this way.”

David Newman and Mira have devoted their lives to the upliftment of humanity through Love. They travel extensively singing Kirtan (devotional chanting) and sharing the spiritual, devotional, meditative and musical aspects of yoga. Their music embodies a devotional mysticism, distinctive musicality, and a deep respect for India’s ancient chant tradition. David’s sublime melodies and soothing voice combined with Mira’s ethereal vocals and rhythmic percussion create an atmosphere for healing, joy, and openness of heart.

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