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Lessons So Far

The week before I came to Uganda, I created a list of everything that I felt we needed to get done in the first few weeks I was here.

I forgot, however that we’re in Uganda and success is found in small accomplishments. Adam (the founder of our partner organization, Earth Rising) and I have decided that we will find great pleasure if we each accomplish one thing each day.

Julius (our project coordinator) and I sat down and created a schedule today. If all went as planned it would mean he would get approval from the LC1 and town council today which would mean building could begin and he could head to Kampala to begin our registration as an NGO here in Uganda. However, there was no power today, which meant we couldn’t get photocopies made or get the drawings printed off. Which means that he will NOT be leaving for Kampala in the morning because he was not able to go to town council to get a letter approved.

So our schedule for next week has changed – but that’s ok because its Uganda and this is life.

We’ve now created a road into the property, cleared the land, hired a project adviser to work with Adam, gone through MANY versions of drawings to present to town council, finalized those drawings (let go of wanting to print them because of no power), created a home, gathered information about registering with the district health body, walked the land and mapped out where we think the buildings should be, sent Julius into the bush with a garden tool as he laughed at our fear of large snakes, waited for bank transfers, found a place in Kasana to house about 20 of the Seva participants (this was no small task), printed off Shanti Uganda/Earth Rising Building Project tshirts to give to our staff, builders and building volunteers, priced everything we’ll need for the birth house, sourced local distributors for birth related supplies, established a wireless internet connection and decided we’re going to Jinja for Christmas.

Things are moving along – This next week we’re training how to use the brick machine, beginning our NGO registration process and hopefully starting to dig the hole for the latrine – that is of course if the rain stays away, the power is on and life goes according to plan : )

It has been a great blessing working with Earth Rising and their current building volunteer. If you are interested in community and natural building, I encourage you to contact Adam about their natural building volunteer placements here – everyone working on this project is fabulous and I know it will be a life changing experience.

With love


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