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Women Around The World

The Shanti Uganda Society began as a seva (selfless service) based organization. That selfless service is what has given us the incredible power we needed to grow in a very short period of time. Supported by friends, family and loved ones, we have come to realize that in doing this work, we change lives not only in Uganda, but also in our communities here at home. Each festival we attend it run by an amazing group of volunteers and even the families of our board members get involved in some way or another.

This year we have had the amazing opportunity to expand that reach to communities beyond Vancouver, BC. As a part of the 2009 Off The Mat Into The World African Humanitarian Tour, individuals all over the world are raising money towards our programs in Uganda. Those individuals who raise $20,000 will be coming to Uganda to see the work we do and contribute towards the building of the Shanti Uganda Birth House & Learning Centre. Many of the seva participants have already reached their goal and we are inspired by their love, dedication and commitment to serve birthing women on the other side of the world.

One of those Seva Participants, Sarah Longacre, owner of Blooma Yoga Studio has recently reached her goal and we look forward to meeting her in Uganda in February. Check out the photos of her recent fundraising gala and see how her community has gathered together to support birthing women in Uganda.

(Sarah, far left, of Blooma Yoga Studio)

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