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This is Grace – she is a recent graduate of our training program and now has a certificate showing her membership in The Shanti Uganda Women’s Income Generating Group! She also makes incredible crafts made from banana leaves – we love these beautiful wallets and recently bought a ‘supply’ from her to bring back to Canada. Here we are sitting on the porch of the volunteer house with the new wallets she just completed. Grace’s son William is supported by the Just Like My Child sponsorship program which means unlike many ugandan boys, he gets to go to school. The foundation has decided to focus on encouraging the sponsorship parents to play a more active role in their children’s education – which we LOVE!

Grace has decided that she wants to use the money she makes from her jewellery business with Shanti Uganda to pay the transportation costs to be able to visit her son at school during the year. We couldn’t agree more that this is a great way to use her income!

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